August 17, 2007

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Yes we have moved to an exciting new site with much more info, news, photos and details of our new series SCI FI CENTRAL that includes new STAR WARS, STAR TREK, COMICS and CELEBRITY SPECIALS. Plus our visit to Lucasfilm, San Francisco.
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February 27, 2007


We are presently filming an entire episode dedicated to the comic industry. We will be covering all of the main super heroes plus meeting up with those behind the scenes of the Australian Comics Industry. The show will also follow the progress and production of Pop Collectables creator
D.J. Wilson as he lauches his own Computer Generated Imagery
Graphic Novel.
More details and a sneak peak coming soon.
If you are a part of the comics community or simply a comic memorabilia collector please contact us and you may be included in this Comics Special Episode. Email:

December 02, 2006

DJ grabs an exclusive interview with Jolene Blalock; T'Pol on Star Trek ENTERPRISE

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Episode 7 SUPANOVA CELEBRITIES, the first of our brand new series is in the final stages of post production. It includes interviews with creators and collectors of popular culture including interviews with some of the cast of Lost, Alias, Babylon 5, Stargate SG1 and Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

Keep checking back for new air dates.

April 08, 2006

Series 1 Show host Alex Kilroy on-set for the pilot episode

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March 21, 2006

5-time Academy Award winner Richard Taylor with show
co-host WETA WORKSHOP in NZ.

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March 07, 2006

AIRING DATES on Foxtel's AURORA Channel

The Aurora Channel is an Australia-wide cable station on all of Australia's subscription TV services: Foxtel, Optus and Austar. They can be found at number 183 on your digital remote.
(If you are not a subscriber, please contact Pop Collectables as we have "free connection" contacts)
I will update replay dates as they come to hand.

All six episodes of the first series have already aired but Episode 1 replays Wednesday December 27th at 8 pm.
Please email us at the link below for future air dates or DVD sales.
We have just filmed a celebrity special at Sydney's SUPANOVA Pop Culture Expo and are in post production of that episode now. Keep checking back for new Aurora airing dates.

Double disc DVDs are available with all six eps for $20 from

Please note that Aurora re-broadcasts the shows for different shift workers. So if you miss the premiere screening, you can catch it in the early hours of the next day, plus in the next afternoon.
Please let us know your thoughts on the show. (E.g. How do you enjoy POP COLLECTABLES compared to Antiques Roadshow) You can post a comment below by hitting the envelope icon.

We'd love to film your collection and show the world.
The filming will give you a great memento should you either down-size your collection or lose it due to unforeseen circumstances. (Great proof to your insurer)
Drop us a line telling us about your collection by either responding to this post (by clicking onto the "comments" button below)
or drop us an E-mail:
Collectible or Collectable?
To clear up many questions regarding the naming of our show Collectible spelt with an "I" appears to be the American spelling. Whilst Collectable with an "A" seems to be the English, Australian and New Zealand spelling. Hence with our show targeted at an Australasian audience it will be known as POP COLLECTABLES.
Weta Collectibles who are a major collectibles company from NZ, and good friend to our show, spell their name with the "I" presumably this is because they are mainly targeting the U.S. market. I hope this clears up any confusion :)

January 24, 2006


Field reporter Elinor (Elle) Lascelles has visited THE COMIC SHOP, Liverpool and investigated the best method of preserving your precious collectable comics to ensure that they will retain value for years to come. Her report includes an interesting new commercial technique from the U.S.A. helping comics stay mint for up to 50 years.